About Wellmark

Wellmark is an emerging lifestyle retailer that has been making a difference with eco-conscious home accessories since October 2017. “Because with Wellmark we have more than 60 selling points and webshop has been proven that environmentally conscious products of good quality really are not inferior to trendy home accessories.In fact, the home accessories of Wellmark are always on trend and sustainable but also contribute to a better living environment for now and the future. “    

A change starts with yourself

During a summer vacation in Italy in July 2017, Marleen van den Bogaart drove through beautiful Tuscany. In a bright red Fiat 500, she was in the middle of the Chianti region. As the road continued along yet another beautiful olive tree field, Marleen van den Bogaart wondered how such a beautiful and authentic product could end up in cold plastic bottles in the supermarket. Plastic bottles that are also very bad for the environment. She wanted to make a difference and so the first product from Wellmark.nl was a fact. Authentic extra virgin olive oil from the Chianti region in beautiful glass bottles that you can reuse them as a stylish vase when they are empty. A nice gesture to the environment and therefore even better to have at home. Wellmark.nl now has several products in its range, all of which are produced with the same vision; ‘Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.’


Aware from idea to delivery

Wellmark strives for a society that takes small steps towards a better environment. This aim constantly sets us in motion. We are always working to make the process from idea to delivery as sustainable as possible. This increases our awareness and this is reflected in our products. Our products, such as our soap dispensers, are therefore made of glass and are therefore durable and refillable. With this we ensure a reduction of plastic soap dispensers and a permanent accessory in your home.

But we go further than that: Our products are packed in 100% recycled paper and even our stickers and adhesive tape are consciously produced and purchased. Finally, the products that you order from us in the webshop or buy at our points of sale are manufactured by people who work at a social workplace. This way you know that when you order something from us, you take a small step towards a better living environment.


Products with character

Wellmark’s products actually have enough character of their own because of the road they travel before they reach the consumer. Yet we wanted to give our products something extra to cherish, namely a personal detail. Take our soap dispensers, for example, which are available with a humorous statement or motivational affirmation such as: “Shit happens just wash!”. But you can also personalize the text on our soap dispensers for an extra special gift for someone just as special, or just for yourself.
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Want to take a small step with a big impact?

Do you have a shop / webshop and are you impressed with our great products and our story? We like to work with nice shops and webshops that also want to take a small step towards a big impact. You can find more information about these partnerships on our Business 2 Business page.


Marleen van den Bogaart
Founder Wellmark