Promotional gifts

Surprise your relations with a luxury gift. Wellmark takes care of your promotional gifts to a perfect package. And always contribute to a better society!


View our full range of  gift boxes right away. Our gift boxes are filled with our delicious products, perfect for your promotional gifts!

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Our gifts are beautiful and good for you, but also for your environment! For example, our gifts are made in sheltered workshops located in the Netherlands and everything is made of glass instead of plastic. The products are therefore sustainable, vegan and when you purchase them, we work together to create a better society!

But not only that. They radiate luxury, which ensures that you have a beautiful interior accessory for your bathroom or kitchen. These bottles remain timelessly beautiful and when they are used up, they are also super fun to use!

Our newest gift boxes:

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Our gifts come in a price range from €5.99 to €144.99. Different products can be combined with each other into a beautiful gift. We also have our gift boxes! You can choose from 9 different gift boxes, with delicious combinations of products. The packages are made with much love for you!

Personalization? Yes please!

We are happy to do something extra to make the package meet your wishes. This way you make your gift just that little bit more personal and more valuable to your relations. For example, we add a nice personal message or your company logo. This is possible from a purchase of 20 pieces!

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These fun products can also be ordered for a nice promotional gift! View our full range:

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Please contact us in time so that we can prepare the promotional gifts according to your wishes!